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Bruno  Landi

Italian  International Musician   /    V iolinist    /  M usical Director

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Bruno Landi

Bruno Landi
Massenet thais meditation

Massenet thais meditation

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Beethoven Romanza en fa major op. 50 para violin e orquestra

Beethoven Romanza en fa major op. 50 para violin e orquestra

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He graduated with the highest qualification at the G. Verdi Conservatory in Torino (Italy) under the tutelage of M. ROMEO

He was the head of the violin class at the same conservatory from 1979 to 2004 .

He has attended advanced courses (Master Class) of international category with the famous violinists HENRY SZERING and SANDOR VEGH, which were held in the castle of Gargonza Arezzo (Tuscany), and he was the only Italian selected to participate.

He has participated in the biennial bow quartet course directed by M. PIERO FARULLI, who accredited him to be his assistant and substitute.

In 1966 he was the winner of the competition organized by the Teatro Regio de Torino, which earned him a place in the Orchestra.

The following year he participated and obtained the victory of the RAI Milan Symphony Orchestra competition.

In 1970 he transferred to the Torino RAI Symphony Orchestra. He also participated in the events of the Teatro la Scala in Milan. He was part of the "Italian Chamber Orchestra" directed by SALVATORE ACCARDO. He has been the first violin of the Sassari Opera Theater and the International Orchestra of Italy.

For ten years, together with the renowned M. ARTURO SACCHETTI (accompanying him to the Pianoforte), they have performed Music in the most important halls of Italy and the rest of Europe, attended by the critics of the press and the public itself.

He has been part of the ensemble "Los virtuosos de Roma" directed by RENATO FASANO, appearing in the most prestigious venues in the international arena.

In 1992, he was nominated artistic and educational director of the CARLO EVASIO SOLIVA International Chamber Music Competition, in honor of the Musician referenced in the name of the competition.

In duet with M. Roberto Ferraresi (Guitarist), and with a pagan program they performed in a large number of European countries (such as: Berlin, Bonn, Budapest, Prague, Warsaw, Vienna, Paris and Zagabria), among which in Vienna they played in the most prestigious theater in the world, MUSIKVEREIN.

His musical quality has been re-experimented in the jazz field with the SANTE PALUMBO Pianist quartet, with which he has performed at “Ghota del Jazz” venues, as well as on television broadcasts, in addition to having created a discography.

In 1992 he took part in the San Remo Festival as the first violin. With the quartet "EUPHON" in 1993 he traveled to Australia for a series of concerts, where he also played in the Melbourne Parliament hall (which was broadcast live on Australian radio), he also performed at the magnificent theater "OPERA HOUSE" in Sydney.

With the quartet of the Piemontese chamber music circle, in 2000 he participated in a tour to Germany with the member of the quartet for Oboe by Felice Giardini.

In September 2003 he was nominated President of the Association of Young Musicians of Turin, which promotes the dissemination of Music both at a didactic and concert level. He organized a musical event called "Music at Christmas" for the fourth colony of Torino.

In Italy he played in a duet with the Pianist STEFANIA FILIPELLO, and in a Trio with the Pianist ANNA MARIA CIGOLI.

He arrived in Mexico in July 2010 playing his first concert at the Regional Museum of Guadalajara Jalisco.

After a master class in violin at the "CABAÑAS" art and culture institute in Guadalajara, Mexico, he is nominated as a violin teacher for the undergraduate course.

From 2011  to date he works as a concert violinist and teacher.

Bruno  Landi

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