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Edna  Kannan

 International Artist   /     Portraitist   /     C ommunicator - A uthor     /   Businesswoman   /  

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Edna k annan

E dna  K annan



Mexican-Spanish Artist  recognized in November  2019  as one of the  30 Artists  Outstanding Worldwide , as well as  one of the  50 Famous Women  from Mexico  in the year  2018.   

Adding to these  recognitions the first Award received in 2011  What  one of the  100 women  brighter  from the country.

International Portrait Artist, Author, Entrepreneur, Influencer-Communicator, Designer, Philanthropist, also known as "La Azteca de Porcelana" ,  He managed to conquer Europe, America and Asia with his charisma and talent.

Creator and Founder of the world brand of high-end products for art:  Luxury  "EK VIP" , launched in the year  2012  and that today are acquired in more than 35  countries.


From  his arrival in Europe in the year  2008  the success of the artist  Mexico-Spanish  it was '  in crescendo '  until she became one of the most sought-after face painters in the world.

In 15  years of career as a Portrait Artist he has traveled all over the world teaching Conferences and Master Class with his avant-garde method  hundreds of artists and  teachers  from countries like:  Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, United States, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Italy,  India, Lebanon, Thailand, South Korea,  Japan and  China.

In the year  2009  married the Spanish businessman  Manu Paqué  ( his  Manager for 13  consecutive years ), it was then that  he changed his residence to the Condal city of Barcelona.     


He participated in various International Exhibitions and Conventions in various countries, his works are represented in more than 60 Galleries and  virtual spaces and have been acquired by collectors  private.              

Has been  Guest of honor by Her Majesty the Queen of Thailand,  Sirikit Kitiyakara  as representative of Mexico in one of the International Conventions  of the Royal House.

She currently shares her experiences on Social Networks in her role as a communicator promoting personal development

( The Beauty of knowing how to Live ),  coming to be considered a  Inspiring Motivational Influencer  for thousands of Spanish-speaking followers.

Edna Kannan's life and career has been a source of inspiration for  famous painters  (in the United States, Spain, China  and Mexico), who have created pictorial works  with your image.

Since the beginning of his career, the contributions  of the artist worldwide  on  his humanitarian work has been endless,  being a participant and  collaborator  active  of various  Organizations and altruistic causes of all kinds, mainly participating in international campaigns  against animal abuse.                                                             

Edna Kannan knows no limits, with her unmatched charisma and talent  has exceeded  borders  reaching International levels.   

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