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Raul Kannan

Musical Director of MusiiKKi Music


It is really a delight for me to work with such beautiful and honest people as Manu Paqué, because I think we are on the same channel, the same thing happened to me when I worked with my precious friend and brother Nick Vujicic.

I believe that RAZVENTO is the same, it is synonymous with trust, love, harmony and high consciousness.

Juan Carlos Roca

Actor   /   Doctor Honoris Causa

Spain  /  Mexico

For me Manu is a great friend, a great person, and it is a great pleasure to have him as a fellow Entrepreneur.  

Sharing business with such a professional and visionary person is a luxury, we have several investment projects in common, and  the best of all is about to take place in Cancun.

I really hope that life allows us to continue doing many more business together.

Thank you Manu for appearing in my life.


Chrystian Mejia

Smile Designer

Celebrity dentist


Having met Manu Paqué was  

a great blessing, he made me see the business world from a totally new perspective for me, in addition to his human qualities and great heart, he is a great friend, without a doubt all the people who approach him have the great opportunity to grow and develop exponentially.


Frank Valencia

Singer  /  Leader. international


I have the privilege of having Manu's friendship for many years.

He is a great friend, he is always happy and willing to help you when you need it.

We have participated together in various businesses and projects and what I admire the most is his approach, his perseverance in everything he does, he always thinks of others first before seeing for himself. That is why your friendship is invaluable to me and to many people on our team.

Jerry noris

Artist / Entrepreneur  Investor


I want to say about my friend Manu Paqué, and  is that he belongs to a unique species of people who, due to their high human and professional qualities, make you feel truly lucky to have found them on your way.

This is the truth.

        Thanks Manu! A hug


Fabiola Serratos

Writer / Speaker


There is in each of his ways a serenity and wisdom that infects us, that charisma with which he opens up to life always radiating the best of vibes.

Manu Paqué is the clear example of SUCCESS, because we are not only witnesses of his achievements but also of a trajectory, which he has managed to carry with great simplicity, he has suffered and also enjoyed.

With certainty I recognize his talent, giving infinite thanks to the Universe for having the opportunity to coincide and learn from him and of course admire him in each of his facets.

Leonor Paqué

Writer /  Producer /  Journalist /  Actress


I have known Manu Paqué since he was born, because he did it for 3 years  after I was born, in the same house.

Throughout my life I have been able to observe him and distinguish several things from him, the first is his ability to work, it is something he has been doing since he was only 11 years old in the Family Business.


The second is his character, serene,  We can hardly see Manu Paqué lose his nerves, serenity, tranquility, because he deliberately ignores rancor.

And the third, and perhaps the most important, is your ability to dream,

Manu Paqué always believes in a better life.

I really like when he prepares me something delicious, and he says to me: little sister, come on!


Nora contreras

Entrepreneur / Real Estate


This charismatic and friendly Spaniard already belongs to us Mexicans!  I had the honor of knowing him five years ago and I feel that I have known him for a lifetime, a great GIVER, because of him I entered the wonderful world of Cryptocurrencies and digital money, I feel very fortunate to meet him and witness that excellent  INTELLIGENCE & DISCIPLINE combination in everything you undertake.

He is a very congruent and caring person, my great respect for this Leader, I want to follow in his footsteps in this new Digital era, as a Mentor  And above all, as a human being, thank you my dear Manu, for taking us by the hand in this digital journey without losing the human side that characterizes you, it is an honor and a pleasure to meet you and continue learning from you.  

Never change your kind smile and big heart!

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-20 a la(s) 1

Pere Millán



I have known Manu for many years.

One in his life accumulates many acquaintances and only a few FRIENDS.

I am Manu's friend, Manu's brother.

Friendship is like a treasure, everyone wants it, but only a few get it.

With Manu we have had unforgettable moments, happy moments, and also very difficult moments (the latter are what make friendship strong).

In Manu you will always find a word of encouragement and a smile.

From him I have learned that empathy is a virtue,

perseverance is a gift, and that surrender does not exist in his DNA.

Life takes you and brings you along paths that one did not dare to dream of, be attentive to the signs, be prepared to face changes, be willing to take the risks that leaving your comfort zone can bring you. That is the value of someone who seeks to grow as a person, that is Manu.

Having a BIG heart is another of her qualities and as it shows ... her heart ran into Edna's love and following her heart has taken her so far seeking happiness and a new life.

Luckily distance is not an obstacle to our friendship. Your friend ... Pere


Naza Vizcaino B.

Real estate advisor


Manu, a gentleman and a great person,

I have known him for 8 years,

time that has been enough for me to have

a great impression of him as a person

and businessman, ready to help

to everyone who comes close to him

to ask for advice or help.  

A man who radiates security

and strength.

Thank you Manu for your friendship.

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Héctor Mártinez Córdoba

International MakeUp Artist

USES  /  Mexico

To speak of Manu Paqué is to speak of the human being with greater coherence than I can remember, which is why I feel immense respect and admiration for his person


Edna kannan

Artist  /  Influencer

Entrepreneur / Communicator / Portrait Artist


Manu Paqué is CONGRUENCIA, I love people who know the  value of integrity, ethics and goodness, this is a magical mixture that he knows perfectly.  

His life and its results are the great example of the ideal balance that he has achieved in the elemental facets of life: the emotional, spiritual,  physics and  economical.

He is the irrefutable result of the goodness that has been poured out in 28 countries.

Textura transparente

Abigail torres



With Manu's advice I was able to fulfill my dream of buying my house.

An honest, sincere, dedicated, loyal, wonderful person, a great human being. Manu is a person with unmatched values, a person who always supports me, although he is someone super busy, he is always on the lookout and supporting many people that he does not even know.

Since he was in Spain he was a great person. In these Mexican lands it is the spoiled Spanish.

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Sergio Lucca

Investor  /  Architect

France  /  Bolivia

Manu, you have a gigantic heart, you are a passionate businessman, a sincere, kind and transparent man, your way of being makes it impossible not to feel great affection for you,

You are my indispensable friend!

Manu equals loyalty and trust, he is a very enterprising person, Manu is a "Dissidence" God put him in my way in this digital age.

What is Manu for me?  excellence

Cesar Brambilla




Laura Huerta



Talk about Manu  is talking about my teacher in finance, he helps me with his example to make the best decisions.

I take the opportunity to thank you for your help in what is within your power,

for his honesty and the commitment he has for all of us who trust him.

I met him in business but the best thing is that now I have a very valuable friend.

Thanks Manu

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