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Neto Kannan

Musician   /   Classical Pianist  /   C omposer    /   I nterpreter   /   A rranger /   Versatile D uet 

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M usician Classic-Pianist and versatile duet, Mexican, Italian roots. Composer, Arranger, Performer and Musical Director of Versatile Duet in Toluca and Mexico City (Social Events).


His music encompasses  great diversity of genres.

Start  in music at the age of 16 as a self-taught  performing pieces by Bach Beethoven and
Mozart later entered the music school of the U de G in Guadalajara in 1988 , followed by the National School of Music of the UNAM, taking classes with the eminent teacher Nestor Castañeda Leon and Andres Acosta from 1990 to 1996 .

He has taken countless seminars on piano perfection with renowned European masters.


As part of the UNAM choir, he performed in the most important rooms of the country such as the Palacio de
Fine Arts The Nezahualcoyotl room the Ollin Yoliztli among others and interpreting works by Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Hendel, among others.

His Piano recitals have been accompanying


Later he dabbled  in the field of commercial music, both in pop in English, cumbia, ballads etc, in various  clusters.

In 1996 he changed his residence to the city of Las Vegas USA, with his duet Luces de La Noche which is formed by  Cecilia Ferrer (singer and his current wife).



Over 18 years they have  formed the duet that handles 28 musical genres, playing live the accordion, the Vihuela, percussions  and obviously the keyboard or piano in all
Guiro, cabaza, keys, shaker and block.


Neto Kannan delved into the composition and musical arrangements of various genres.

N eto  K annan

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